A Letter from our Chief Club Officer

July 30, 2020

With COVID-19 so prevalent throughout the world, it continues to be essential to help minimize the spread of the illness. As you know, we have taken many steps to protect both our Members and our team. This care is returned in kind by people who stay home when they or a member of their family experience COVID-19 or allergy-like symptoms, are being tested, travel to a Hot State, or come into close contact with someone who has tested positive.

We appreciate everyone staying in communication with us, wearing masks, social distancing, using hand sanitizer, and good personal hygiene practices.

The most recent member to share that they had a positive test result was a participant of our indoor Women’s Tennis Practice. (This case is also unrelated to others.) They wore a mask and followed Five Seasons’ protocols. We have already contacted the people involved in the practice session. (We were relieved to learn that no one was in close contact with the individual.) We have also notified the Hamilton County Department of Health.

We are happy to share that our facility and programs will remain open. The infection risk is minimal.

Please watch for COVID-19 and allergy-like symptoms. For more information, visit CDC’s website, Five Season’s news microsite, or call the Hamilton County Department of Health at 513/946-7800.

Thanks for being a part of our family and for caring about everyone in our community.

Nancy Conard
Chief Club Officer, Cincinnati & Dayton Clubs
Five Seasons Sports Club

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