A Letter from our Chief Operating Officer

July 14, 2020

Reports say the United States is experiencing a resurgence after the 4th of July holiday due to lax social distancing and fewer people wearing masks. With air quality being what it is and allergies so common, please don’t dismiss or minimize sinus pressure, headaches, or other symptoms.

Be sure to advise us if you or your family are experiencing issues.

To provide you with important news, information, and resources, we have been busy building this COVID-19 microsite. Please be patient, a lot of great information is coming.

A link to the website ( URL FiveSeasonsNewsUpdates.com) will be on our Five Seasons App.

As always, we are keeping open lines of communication, evaluating and re-evaluating our policies, and working to be your best partner for health and wellness.

Thanks for being a part of our family.

Heather Harris
Chief Operating Officer
Five Seasons Sports Club

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